Download : TW linux legacy libraries

If you're experiencing some problems to run Targetware 0.64 on a modern linux distibution, you can follow the step by step guide initially provided by Artik on the Targetware forum.

There is a step by step instructions how to run Targetware on modern distro.

Problem :

TW is compiled with legacy libraries that do not work with modern distributuions.

  • They may be just not povided like libcurl2
  • They may collide with newer versions - like libopenal0 and libopenal0a

These libraries should be provided together with binary and preloaded for use independently of the "main" distro libraries


  • Make symbolic link for libcurl2 (you should run this as root or with sudo)
    cd /usr/lib
    ln -s
    If the path to is different in your distro you can find it using "locate"

  • Dowload this archive. It contains two shared objects (libraries) that were taken from old distributions and usually do not provided by modern one.

  • Extract them to your targetware folder (where the targetware binary is placed) so you should see something like this
    $ ls
    data docs fmtest LICENCES targetware tool

  • Create a following batch file in targetware directory (I assume that you have targetware folder placed in your home directory
    cd /home/$USERNAME/targetware
    LD_PRELOAD="./ ./" ./targetware
    and name it run-tw

  • Make running permissions chmod +x run-tw

  • Now just run: ./run-tw and enjoy


  • It was tested on Debian Etch 32bit but expected to work on any other modern 32bit distros.
  • On debian and ubuntu may be not nesessary because it is provided by package libstdc++2.10-glibc2.2 that is avalible from the repositories with apt.
  • Using symbolic link for is dirty way. The better solution is to bring all the required libraries to preload. However there were too many of them (that libcurl itself depends on others).

Good luck and may the Tux be with you...

Tested systems :

  • Debian 4.0 Etch
  • Fedora Core 6
  • Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper
  • Gentoo x86_64 (with some tweaking of 32bit libraries for 64bit system)