Ze Doug Le Tough Genesis/Megadrive ROM page

Ze Doug Le Tough Genesis/Megadrive ROM page

On these pages you'll find a collection of 673 ROM for the SEGA Genesis/Megadrive system sorted by ROM name.

AS the name of the game is automagically extracted and that some ROM does NOT follow the specifications and/or does NOT contain any information about the game name, the game name may be bogus or not even human readable.
That is why this ROM collection is sorted by ROM name rather than game name.

Most of them have screenshots and are fully functionnal with the fabulous DGen emulator (Unix only, may works under Windows and the MingW environment).

Windows users can find a SEGA/Genesis/Megadrive emulator list here.

All ROM provided here have been tested with the DGen emulator under a Linux system and are fully functionnal.

Note that some of them need some little configuration to run properly.
In most case, set the region to USA or the video mode to NTSC is the solution.

The DGen emulator has no graphical user interface and you can find the pyDGen.py script I coded with Python/tkInter here (last update: 2013-12-27).

The coding style is quite horrible but it seems to be bug free and do what it is supposed to do :

  • Does not depend on any other package, a stock python installation will suffice.
  • Does not need configuration.
  • Installation is simple (put the script whereever you want, /usr/local/bin is a good choice, and make it executable).
  • Scan for basic directories and configuration
  • Screenshot display (screenshot have to be taken from DGen, see the dgen man page).
  • Allow basic configuration setup (Video settings, region setting, etc...)
    Note that you still need to manually configure DGen to setup control keys or fine tuning your configuration (see dgen and dgenrc man pages).
    The purpose of this GUI is to allow you to quickly switch between configurations files and is NOT a configuration wizard.

Some screenshots follow :
PyDGen main window

PyDGen configuration window

The pyDGen.py script is provided AS IS under WTFPL 2.0.

Have fun !