Welcome to the grid'o'matic web page.

This tool will help you to automatically generate a numbered grid over an existing image.
This tool was written to provide to the Targetware users a convenient way to make "sectorized" maps.

How to use this tool :
Fill in the following form with :
- The full path name of the map image file (ie. c:\my_docs\my_map.jpg)
- The image width in pixel (ie. 1024)
- The image height in pixel (ie. 768)
- The wanted grid step in pixel (ie. If you want to have sectors of 100x100 pixels, just enter 100)
The press the "generate grid" button.

The grid'o'matic tool will generate an svg image script that you can convert with the convert tool from ImageMagick (Windows users, please install the "static" version).

How to convert the svg image script to any image format :
- Copy and paste the svg script in your favorite text editor (ie. notepad.exe) then save it in the same folder of the original map file (ie. c:\my_docs\my_svg_map.svg).
- In a terminal, while in the folder where you saved the svg script type the following command line :
convert -density 72 my_svg_map.svg my_sectorized_map.jpg
This command line will create a jpg image file in the folder you typed the command line.
This jpg file IS your map with a grid with numerated sectors (a number in each corner of each sectors)

Mac and Linux users can use the bash script here.
This script do the same thing that the web based grid'o'matic but is very faster and output the grided map directly in TGA format.
It also provide the ability of choosing the font size to avoid text overlaps.
(Windows users can also use it across the cygwin environment)

How to install grid'o'matic bash script :
First you need to install the ImageMagick package
To install the bash script version, just save the downloaded file and apply execution permissions like this : chmod +x /path/to/grid_o_matic.sh

How to use the grid'o'matic bash script :
In a terminal, go to the folder where you saved the grid'o'matic script and type the following command line : grid_o_matic.sh
then answer to asked questions.

You can see the grid'o'matic bash script in action here (youtube link)
or download the video (11 MB ogg format) here (best quality).

Map file name (absolute full path) :
Map width (in pixel):
Map height (in pixel):
Grid step (in pixel):